• #Accelerate from the frontier


    ~The world is your oyster~


    1. Become a pioneer

    2. Influence on others. Change the city and the world by changing ourselves.


    1. Boost the number of enterprises with the desire to "Give it a try" in Vietnam

    We are the only company providing Press Release Service

    2. Spread "Give it a try" spirit through outstanding events and projects

    We managed Ekiden, the very first Marathon Festival in Vietnam

    3. Integrate and expand "Give it a try" spirit into other services and customers


    Here are other our service



    500 USD~

    Marketing Strategy

    New Project Strategy

    Overseas Expansion Consulting


    Making a website / IT development

    Making a Company Site : 1,500 USD~

    Making a Landing Page:800 USD~

    IT Consulting in general !!




    CEO / Co-Founder

    Graduated from Komazawa University.

    In 2010 he joined in Accenture Co.,Ltd and quited it in June 2012.

    In July 2014 he got an outsourcing of overseas medical tourism project from Senior Marketing System Co.,Ltd. After that, Yuki started his own business ‘VJPARTNAER’ as Vietnamese corporation with co-partner Du Ngoc and made the first success in Chinese traditional medicine import .

    As CEO of VEHO Works, he is engaged in Vietnam’s first press release service, the administration of JBAV related events, and the management of shared house.



    CEO Assistant

    Senior Student, International School, Vietnam National University, Hanoi.
    Being a senior student, she looks forward to experiencing a dynamic and challenging environment.
    Her passion is exploring different cultures and learning new things.
    Now she is working as CEO Assistant at VEHO WORKS.
    Favorite: discovering new places, eating street food


    Riku Osaki


    He went to Germany to study German. After 4 months, he hoped to try something before he went back to Japan.

    Hobbies: Going foreign countries and making friends with local people.


    Saori ISHII


    She has a lot of experiences in event management and organising Japanese food media while studying abroad in AU. Her aim is to destroy the wall against overseas and to support Japan to challenge new world.
    Favourite: Local Sake/Beer


    Watch out !!

    Vietnam Press

    Specialized in Vietnam Free Advertisement

    We provide service to issue your news and articles as an advertisement to the press. We are THE ONLY company providing FREE ARTICLES in Vietnam.


    Make Hanoi full of joy

    We manage events and provide latest event information, Ekiden with JBAV. It's just one of numerous successful events. Why don't you organize events with us??


    This is our starting point

    We manage Shared House. It's located in the center of Hanoi and to the shore of Tay Ho, as if it looks like a real resort house. Everyone loves our house and the surrounding atmosphere. Please come over when you have a chance.


    Consulting /

    IT Consulting

    Accelerate from the frontier

    We support the company aiming at setting up a business in Vietnam. Lots of companies operated their business successfully after receiving our consultant.



    We support these projects for making Hanoi Life more interesting.

    AI Development

    Get Hanoi the frontier of AI development

    ’We wanna get Hanoi the frontier of AI development''

    Sympathizing Asilla's ambition, we support to AI seminar held by them.


    Here is their articles.

    Start Up

    Support to set a business in Vietnam

    We support to set a business or expand the brunch comprehensively.

    Help them try to set a business

    by offering our projects in Vietnam.

    Help them by taking in a lecture and give out precious information in Japan.

    Our Projects is here

    Students Association

    Help the students doing their best

    Support the students doing their best or students association in Hanoi.

    These days, the numbers of the students come to Hanoi are increasing though, the information they need in Hanoi are not still organized well.

    Get the information can make your Hanoi Life more interesting from JSA!!

    JSA site is here

    JSA Blog is here.


    Let you know about our epochal and attractive systems

    Lazy Day

    Work hard, Rest lazily.

    ''Lazy Day'' is a system you can take day off with salary.

    If you work more than 100 hours in a month, you can take ''Lazy Day''.

    Nothing you can't do, chilling out and drinking at noon, going to theater or reading out favorite book all day.

    Moreover, you can get a bonus on condition that you work hard.

    Everything is fine, this is ''Lazy Day''. 

    Trial 7 Days

    That's Crucial moment of you

    "Trial 7 Days'' are an unique system for the people wish to work with us.

    This is campaign time a candidate decide to work at VEHO WORKS or not in ''Trail 7 Days''

    7 days over, you have to choose to keep working or to give up and get 1,000,000 vnd. It's up to you. With your decision, do your best and go for it on your life.

    We welcome to new member so we look forward to working with you :D

    Business Level Sheet

    Skill up one by one

    ''Business Level Sheet'' is an evaluation system in VEHO WORKS.

    Our evaluation systems are very clear and rational so there are no inequalities.

    And also, this sheet is divided and arranged in order of difficulty so you can feel your growth from what you have done. That's real your skills.


    Name: VEHO Works Co,. Ltd.


    Established Date: October, 2016

    Location: Minato, Tokyo
    209 Ve Ho, Ho Tay, Hanoi, Vietnam

    Capital: 200,000USD

    Service: Consulting, Event Management, IT Development

    Bank: Vietcom Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank


    14.10.13 Yuki started to work in Vietnam.

    17.02.14 Lien started to work at VEHO WORKS

    17.02.28 Yuta started to work

    17.03.01 Daisy started to work.

    17.04.17 Kohei started to work.

    17.04.10 Lan started work.

    17.04.24 Nancy started to work.

    17.04.30 Daisy resigned VEHO WOKRS.

    17.05.10 Established ''Daisei-VEHO WORKS''

    17.05.11 Cerebrate Establishment and Welcome & Farewell party

    17.05.17 Trung started to work


    Feel free to give comments for VEHO WORKS.



    Japanese Business Association



    QVC Co,Ltd

    JFOOD Co,.Ltd


    Asilla Co,.Ltd

    Innovate Co,.Ltd


    Beyond Borders CEO 

    I have had a long-run relationship with Wajima, but anyway his footwork lightly responds to each one sincerely one by one. It is truly appreciated that there is no substantial deadline for deliveries and overtime deliverables to overseas vendors, and what they give their own opinions (consulting) rather than a work done injured. I would like to continue to be a partner, not just a supplier to VEHO Works.


    We were able to start trading with Japan's business partner in just three months after he absorbed knowledge to a very niche market called Cordyceps sinensis which we deal with at a very high speed and asking for consulting. Also, Mr. Wajima from former consulting company and Mr. Du from FPT both have strong awareness of IT and work efficiency. This tremendously improves and influences on the consciousness of VQC members' work and task management.


    We were invited to JETRO's enterprise matching to provide opportunities for participation, we were assisted in various fields including translation of company materials and redesign. The working style of the two young are very speedy. Both have very wide network of connections in Japan and Vietnam, and even if consulting when the direction and strategy of new business are yet to be clarified, we give accurate advice such as introduction and adjustment of personnel, I am really saved.



    Although our company Kawasaki Security which provides security-related work, we knew about VJPARTNER when the Japanese companies percentage of customers are 90% or more but there are no Japanese employees and new business can not be done. With just two and a half months of activities, we asked Mr. Wajima, mainly in the northern industrial parks, to create a sales representative from the creation of our website, actual sales, appointment, etc. As a result, we reached four contracts. I had a record above my imagination and I will continue to associate for a long time


    Feel free to contact us.

    TOONG 25T2 Hoàng Đạo Thúy
    Mon - Thu
    09:00 - 18:00
    +84 869 156 145

    Position: Accountant

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